Raghubir Library and Research Institute

Natnagar Shodh Samsthan is one of the national Institutions of India and it has an excellent Library with a rare Collection of 6000 manuscripts in different languages such as Persion, Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit, English and Marathi and the range of Subjects is very wide and includes History, Poetry, Medicine, Science, Philosophy, Politics, Religion and Astrology. The library of the Samsthan have more than 40 thousand published books most of the books are rare in Hindi, Marathi, English, Persian, Urdu and Sanskrit, are preserved. Various leading Research Journals and magazines published in India and abroad are also available here. Most of them were collected by Dr. Raghubir Sinh. The Library specialization in Medieval Indian history, Anglo-Maratha history and Provincial History for Rajasthan, Gujarat and Malwa.


Raghubir Collection, Vol. I, II

Sitamau Collection

Kaviraja Collection, Vol. I, II & III

Guran Nirbhay Sinh Collection

Balmukund Collection

Bhalerao Collection, Vol. I, II

Mahua Collection

Pathak collection vol.I,II

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Shri Natnagar Shodh-Samsthan, Sitamau, (M.P.)

Account No. - 53025671489

State Bank of India,

Branch - Sitamau, (IFS Code No. SBIN0030061)

District - Mandsaur, (M.P.), 458990.