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Establishment of Shri Natnagar Shodh-Samsthan, Sitamau

Maharajkumar Ratan Sinh was the son of Maharaja Raj Sinhji (1802-1867) the ruler of Sitamau State. He was a poet and shayar and his pen name was “Natnagar”. He had a good knowledge of Brij, Dingal and Urdu languages. He had authored “Natnagar Vinod” in Brij and “Diwan-i-Ushhaq” in urdu. Dr Raghubir Sinh established an institute on his pen name.
Shri Natnagar Shodh Samsthan, Sitamau was established by Dr. Raghubir Sinh on Aug. 14, 1974 as an autonomous Research Institute to further the advancement of knowledge and learning by promoting historical researches and studies, and providing the historians and researchers essential records, manuscripts, printed books, and other necessary primary and secondary source materials, etc. for the same.
It was registered under the Madhya Pradesh Society Registirkaran Adhikaran, 1973 (No. 44 of 1973), at No. 4081 on Jan. 16, 1975.

Since then it has been growing rapidly and is now a well developed Research Institute with an experienced eminent historian as its Director and a regular staff of trained researchers carrying on specifically planned programmes of historical researches including editing of important historical work and other primary source materials.

Shri Raghubir Library, Sitamau (formerly the personal library of  Dr. Raghubir Sinh) is the noteworthy main component unit of the Samsthan. This library has been well known for more than last sixty years as a self contained institution for researches in Indo-Muslim and Maratha history and has been highly spoken of  by many eminent historians, including Acharya Jadunath Sarkar. Some well known historians of the present day and many other research scholars supplicating for their Ph. D. and D.Litt. thesis from various Indian Universities from far and wide have been coming down to Sitamau for the last forty years and more.

Constant efforts are even now being made to further enrich Shri Raghubir Library by collecting latest publications relating to the particular fields of its specialisation, and other work which were wanting previously. Moreover, xerox prints, micro-films or like copies of additional primary sources of the relevant period are being obtained, and important historical manuscript collections in private possession, like the Kaviraja Collections at Jodhpur, are also being duly acquired by the Samsthan for the said Library.

The Madhya Pradesh State Goverment has duly recognised Shri Natnagar Shodh Samsthan, Sitamau as a ‘Special Institution’ and is giving it grant-in-aid with effect from the financial year 1975-76. The State Goverment is duly represented on the Managing Board of the Samsthan.