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The Samsthan shall have five classes of members as under :
Life Members
Corporate Members
Ordinary Members

shall be such eminent persons, who in the opinion of the Managing Board have special knowledge or practical experience in Indian Culture, Literature, Art and History, or have rendered noteworthy service in furthering the objects of the Samsthan, and are so nominated by it as the Patrons of the Samsthan.


In addition to the Founder Members who have signed the Memorandum of Association of the Samsthan, who will be its Life Members, other Life Members shall be such persons, who pay a subscription or collect contributions for all or any of the objects of the Samsthan of Rs. 2100/- or more and are admitted as Life Members of the Samsthan by the  Managing Board.


Corporate members shall be such bodies, associations and institutions, who have contributed or paid to the Samsthan a sum of Rs. 21,000/- or more for all or any of the objects of the Samsthan, and who are selected by the Managing Board to be Corporate Members of the Samsthan.

Ordinary Members shall be such persons who pay an annual subscription, donation or contribution of Rs.500/- only and are admitted as Ordinary Members by the Managing Board.
Note – Ordinary membership Registration will be cancel if ordinary member not paid ordinary member fee 300/- (Rupees Three Hundred)  continuously to three years in any condition, like mind disturb, unwell condition or criminal case,