About Samsthan
Founder Chairman
Former Chairman
Present Chairman
Organization structure
The objectives of the Samsthan  

To take over, duly organise, fully enrich and properly preserve ‘Shri Raghubir Library’, Sitamau, as a unit of the Samsthan.

To establish and develop ‘Shri Keshav Das Abhilekhagar’ as a unit of the Samsthan, and to duly preserve the records, etc. that be collected therein.


To establish and devlop ‘Shri Raj Sinh Sangrahalaya’ as a unit of the   Samsthan, and to duly preserve the object and exhibits, etc. that be collected therein.


To establish and duly organise a research centre for carrying out its programmes of historical researches and studies, and other particular research projects undertaken by the Samsthan for due implementation.

To establish, organise and duly develop a unit of its own for preparing    micro-films or any reproductions by some other processes for purpose     of historical researches and studies.

To provide facilities and to extend necessary cooperation to researchers  visiting the Samsthan for historical researches and studies there, and also give them any helpful guidance, if asked for.


To receive any financial or other assistance in cash or kind or the like for the fulfillment of the objects of the Samsthan.

To institute scholarships or the like for Carrying out historicak researches  and studies under its auspices.

To publish caralogues, pamphlets and the like regarding the collection in the various unit of the Samsthan or the activities there of, and  to take suitable steps for or to provided necessary assistance in the publication of the results of the researches and studies carried out at the Samsthan.


To fully cooperate and/or duly assist in any undertaking by other allied institutions for fulfilling the objects of the Samsthan.


To further the advancement of knowledge and learning by means of historical researches and studies at the Samsthan.