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Present Chairman, Shri P.S. Rathore

The present Chairman, Shri Puranjay Sinh Rathore was born on 1st July,  1971 in Mumbai to HH Maharajah Krishna Sinh Rathore of Sitamau and HH Maharani Yogeshwari Kumari, daughter of the late Maharana Bhagwat Sinh.

Puranjay Sinh started his formal education at the Scindia School in Gwalior and then joined the historical school, Daly College in Indore. He was the fourth consecutive generation in the same school. He majored in Economics Honours from Delhi University and went on to Switzerland –where he completed hotel management at Institut Hotelier Cesar Ritz and later did a B Sc in International Hospitality and Tourism from the International College in Brig, Switzerland.


His leaning towards the Hotel industry comes from the fact that he is the grandson of the late Maharana Bhagwat Sinh who was a pioneer in the early 1960’s.  He was the first Indian ruler to convert his Palace into a hotel.  Young Puranjay’s upbringing revolved around hotels both in India and abroad. After several part-time stints in Europe he joined American based Hyatt Hotels in 1996 in the US itself. His first assignment was at the Hyatt Regency Dallas/Fort Worth. Whilst working with this Group he travelled and worked in the Island of Saipan and also did stints in Japan, Korea and Mumbai.  He then moved to The Oberoi Group of Hotels in 2003 and has held diverse and interesting portfolio’s from the I.T. city of Bangalore to the tigers of Ranthambore and now in the concrete jungle of Delhi.

Like his father and forefathers his love for the out-doors and animals lies deep within him and still remains his biggest passion.  He is an avid reader, a golf and cricket enthusiast to the core and is at his happiest when he spends time with his dogs.

Puranjay married Princess Arunima Kumari of Kuthar in Himachal Pradesh– daughter of HH Rana Arun Sen and HH Rani Nimmi Sen.

The literary streak which is so defined in this Sitamau family was always an integral part of his personal life and all through his school and college life, he won the best student awards both in India and abroad.

Puranjay is very deep-rooted in the customs, traditions and the literary glory of Sitamau  and together with the modern life and exposure to the professional world on a global basis, his dream is to take the Natnagar Historical Institute to International standards and recognition so that the lifetime work of his grandfather Dr. Raghuvir Sinh gets the due international acclaim.  Equally important is that Sitamau will rise high on the global, historical and literary map of the world. This will benefit Sitamau not only academically, but also economically, thereby bringing back prosperity to the region like the golden days of the past.