To computerize the entire library and provide online service, a major project was prepared and submitted to the Department of Culture of India for approval.

The Library has also taken a Broadband connection through which internet & e-mail facilities are available. This facility will soon be extended to research scholars.


One Desk-Top computer was purchased and installed to enable storage and access to digitized Library Catalogue and rare books. In this context we prepared a major project and submitted to the Department of Culture of India for grant to purchase five computers, five scanners, five printers, one laser printer and one projector.



Samsthan has proposed the Publishing of the following books very shortly.

      Chittore-Udaipur ka Patanama, Vol. 4 (Rajasthani)

      Padshahnama by Mohammad Waris, Vol. 1 and 2


       Journal ‘Shodh Sadhana’, Vol. 27

      Chittore-Udaipur ka Patanama, Vol. 4 (Rajasthani)

Conservation of Library materials

Samsthan has prepared photocopies of the manuscripts, books & old documents & also done lamination work on the very old records, documents and books. For better preservation and conservation of the manuscripts & documents, Samsthan has prepared a project to put up a fumigation chamber in the institutute and has submitted to the Culture Department of Government of India, New Delhi, for demand the grant.