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Raghubir Library

“If ever a Central Institute of History is set up in free India, the Raghubir Collection will be its indispensable nucleus.” - Sir Jadunath Sarkar.
Since the conception of Shri Raghubir Library in 1936 A.D., by Dr. Raghubir Sinh, historian and litterateur, it developed following the guidelines of Sir Jadunath Sarkar.
Natnagar Shodh Samsthan is one of the national Institutions of India and it has an excellent Library with a rare Collection of 6000 manuscripts in different languages such as Persion, Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit, English and Marathi and the range of Subjects is very wide and includes History, Poetry, Medicine, Science, Philosophy, Politics, Religion and Astrology.

The library of the Samsthan have more than 40 thousand published books most of the books are rare in Hindi, Marathi, English, Persian, Urdu and Sanskrit, are preserved. Various leading Research Journals and magazines published in India and abroad are also available here. Most of them were collected by Dr. Raghubir Sinh. The Library specialization in Medieval Indian history, Anglo-Maratha history and Provincial History for Rajasthan, Gujarat and Malwa.

Persian Mss, Documents etc :
In Shri Raghubir Library, Persian Mss. and documents are available as a major source of history of Sindh, Delhi Sultanate, the Sultanates of Malwa and Gujrat, Mughals and Later Mughals. In the library hundreds of mss., thousands of documents and their micro-film and photo-copies are available, which are useful for the history of 14th century to 18th century. All these mss.and documents amounting to 1,00,000 openings are collected from British Museum, London, India Office Library, London, Royal Asiatic Society, London, Bodelian Library, Oxford, the Bibliothica Nationale, Paris, and other important collection of Europe.  At the same time 40,000 photoprints and micro-films of persian documents of the Maratha period preserved at the Peshwa Daftar, Pune, (Alienation office) and others preserved in the Kale Parasnis Collection, Poona are available in Shri Raghubir Library.

Delhi Sultanate :
Shri Raghubir Library has preserved many Persian mss. relating to Sultanate period of Indian History, among which is the unique work “Munshat-i-Mahru” by Ain-ul-Mulk Mahru, which throws light on 14th century administration and social life.

Malwa and Gujrat :
Almost all mss. relating to the history of Malwa and Gujrat are available here. “Students willing to resuscitate the lost chapters of history will be obliged to visit the Raghubir Library for its wealth of rare manuscript on Malwa and contemporary history of Gujrat.” (Prof. Nirod Bhushan Roy, Essays presented to Sir Jadunath Sarkar, p. 281). In these special mss. “Tarikh-i-Gujrat”, Maasir-i-Mahmud Shahi, Tarikh-i-Nasiri, Tarikh-Muzaffar Shahi and Tarikh-i-Salatin-i-Gujrat are available in microfilm, photo-print or mss. forms.

Mughal Emperors and Later Mughals :
According to Sir Jadunath Sarkar “The Raghubir Library has specialised in the history of the Delhi Padishah and the local dynasties of Malwa, Gujrat and the Rajputana to the points of exhaustion.”  Numerous microfilm and mss. relating to Mughal Emperors - Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan are available here.

Important mss. like Lataif-ul-Akhbar and Padishah-Nama , by Muhammad Waris about Shah Jahan and others relating to the Mughal Emperor Aurangzib like Adab-i-Alamgiri. by Sadiq Muttalibi, Ahkam-i-Alamgiri, by Inayetullah: Fatuhat-i-Alamgiri, by Ishardas Nagar, Tarikh-i-Dilkasha, by Bhimsen and Haft Anjuman, by Udairaj along with  hundreds of letters and sanads are preserved here. Other noteworthy Persian mss. are “Faiyyazul-Qawanin”, Tarikh-i-Muhammadi”, by Mirza Muhammad (2 vols.), “Tarikh-i-Hind” by Rustam Ali “Mirat-i-Aftabnuma”, by Shah Nawaz Khan, “Tazkirat-us-Salatin-i-Chagtai”, by Kamwar, Mirat-ul-Waridat, by Warid, “Tarikh-i-Nadiri” by Mirza Muhammad Mahdi Khan Astrabadi, “Tazkira-i-Waqaya”, by Anand Ram Mukhlis, “Tarikh-i-Muzaffari” by Muhammad Ali Khan Ansari and “Muntakhab-i-Akhbar” (2 Vols.).

Apart from Persian Mss. relating to the reigns of Aurangzib and his descendants, Shri Raghubir Library is unique in its collection of Akhabarat-i-Durbar-i-Mualla of the reigns of Aurangzib, Azam Shah, Bahadur Shah, Jahandar Shah and Farrukhsiyar. These State news-letters are collected from the collections of Royal Asiatic Society, London and the Jaipur State Archives, Jaipur.

History of Rajasthan and Malwa :
The Samsthan has hundreds of mss., micro-film or photo-state copies, copper plates, coins throwing valuable light on the history of Malwa and Rajasthan from 14th century to 19th century important among the these mss. are Muhnot Nainsi ri Khyat, Jaipur Rajya ri Khyat, Udaibhan Champawat-ri-Khyat, Dayaldas-ri-Khyat, Dungarpur-ri-Khyat, Shahpura ri Khyat, Jalor-Pargana-ri-Vigat, Khande Rai Raso, Khyat of the Chandravat of Rampura and Patnama, Jaipur Records, Sitamau Rajya ki Khyaten, Chittor-Udaipur-ro-Patnama, etc.

Anglo-Maratha Period :
The Samsthan has unique collection of Persian mss. micro-film and photo-copies of Akhabarats relating to Anglo-Maratha period (1761-1818) of Indian History.

Apart from Persian and  Rajasthani sources thousands of original Marathi documents are preserved here in various collection like the Gulgule Daftar, the Hingne Daftar, the Mandloi Daftar, the Dhar Daftar, the Mandu Daftar, the Athale Daftar, Bhalerao Collection, and the Collection received from the Dewas Junior. These documents give important information about almost every aspects of Maratha History since the beginning of Maratha inroads in north India till the establishment of British supremacy.