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Sh. Raj Sinh Sangrahalaya (Museum)

The original scheme provided for the establishment of Shri Raj Sinh Sangrahalaya as a unit of the Samsthan. Dr. Raghubir Sinh donated Shri Raj Niwas Garh Palace of Laduna to the Samsthan. A Shodh Sangrahalaya will be organised in Shri Raj Niwas Garh Palace, Laduna. There in will be collected pieces of regional archaeological finds as well as pictures of former rulers of the Sitamau State and paintings and works of art. Thus it is planned to preserve and further enrich the collection of ancient coins, copper plates and other rare exhibits. Samsthan has acquired a prestagious stone inscription for Raj Sinh Sangrahalaya, which is known as Risthal Stone inscription.


The inscribed stone was discovered in the 17th September, 1983, by people while digging the foundation of a house of Gobarji Gayari in the village of Risthal situated at 240 73’N, 750 20’E about 9 km. north of Sitamau, headquarters of the Sitamau Tahsil of the Mandsaur District. The big inscribed stone was soon brought to the Shri Natnagar Shodh Samsthan, Sitamau by Dr. M.S. Ranawat for preservation and exhibition.

Risthal stone inscription is one of most importan finds of 1983 about ancient Indian History. This inscription is date 512 A.D. and inform us about Prakashdharman’s victory over Torman the Hun. To commemmorate his victory, he also built a temple and dharmshala at Dashpur (Mandsaur).