History of Sitamau State
Postal Address
How to Reach
How to Reach

  Shri Natnagar Shodh-Samsthan is situated on Raghubir Sinh Marg in the Sitamau city.
  Sitamau is 30 km. away from Mandsaur District.
  The Samsthan has an easy approach by Road and Rail. 
  The nearest Railway Stations are Suwasara, Shamgarh and Mandsaur. 
  Road transport buses run frequently from Suwasara, Shamgarh and Mandsaur to SITAMAU.

  Nearest Airport Udaipur & Indore

From Sitamau

Suwasara - 32km. Shamgarh -45 Km

Mandsaur - 30Km

Udaipur to Sitamau - 230 Km.

Indore to Sitamau - 254 Km.